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Water bacteria removal

Aqua Soft is committed to providing you clean drinking water for you and your family. If we determine that there is bacteria in  your water after your professional water analysis, we’ll help you choose the best filtration or purification system.

Water bacteria removal

We'll match the price on comparable equipment.

  • State-of-the-art UV intensity monitor: Through an audible and visual alarm, the monitor tells you in real time that the UV light intensity is adequate to provide the full lethal exposure required.

  • Elapsed time meter: Automatically reminds you when it’s time to replace your lamp each year ensuring disinfection.

  • High-output lamps: Reduce the space requirements of your UV system and greatly simplify installation.

  • Dynamic flow restrictor: Ensures that only the right amount of water is allowed through the system in order to assure proper disinfection.  

  • Automatic water shut-off valve capabilities: Control units include dry contacts which permit the option of attaching an automatic shut-off valve to prevent untreated water from being passed into the home distribution system. It comes with a 5 year warranty against manufacture’s defects on the water chamber, power supply and all electrical connections.

UV System:

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